5. Identification of Students With Recently Discontinued Medi-Cal

Use the file to identify which students are in immediate need of outreach and re-enrollment in Medi-Cal. Do this by “filtering the data”, as follows:

• Go to the “Data” tab on your menu bar. Highlight the header row in your file. Then click on “Filter.” This will generate a sort button within the header of each column. Click on the sort button in header labeled “HOT LEADS.” This will result in all files that have been analyzed and flagged as having discontinued Medi-Cal for the past 3 months, and continuous 4 months coverage in the past 12.

Extensive research and consultation with experts in Medi-Cal enrollment indicates that these students are the ones that can most successfully reactivated or re-enrolled in their Medi-Cal accounts. The sort for Hot Lead students excludes any students with less than 4 months consecutive enrollment in the past 12 months. This avoids identification of students who had presumptive eligibility and did not complete the full enrollment process. These students have the potential of being eligible, but are frequently issued a BIC number when the only contact they had with the system was a CHDP exam. The field testing for this program was conducted in a small rural community, in association with the local Department of Social Services. Field testing indicated that inclusion of students with less than 4 months of eligibility in outreach and enrollment work was unproductive as these students generally did not qualify for full scope Medi-Cal. The available labor for outreach and enrollment was focused on the Hot Lead students.
All students with inactivated Medi-Cal accounts are possibly still eligible, but the HOT LEAD students will provide you with the best outcomes for your efforts.

If you wish to check the current status of a student’s Medi-Cal eligibility, this can be done online using the Medi-Cal AVES system. Click here for further information