How often to submit files to DHCS and run the CHIPER Report?

We suggest that you run the report monthly, but every other month is acceptable. Since the HOT LEADS are based on the last 3 month's eligibility status, to run it less frequently will end up in missing children.

If you have difficulty obtaining a new student database from your attendance software, you can just use the same one and submit to DHCS for updated status. There are limitations to this way of short cutting the data collection process. You will not be indentifying students who are new to your school, and you will be submitting students who may have moved away.

The CHIPRA Round II Grant provided the opportunity for extensive field testing of tools to use with families in conducting outreach and enrollment. The Application Assitors/Navigators found that use of a phone script and template letter was beneficial in providing a comfortable structure when intiating a converstation with a family about their child's possible disenrollment from Medi-Cal.