4. Use your returned "Eligibility File from DHCS and Create a CHIPER Report

The flatfile that you sent to DHCS is returned with the student's Medi-Cal eligibility data. It is a text file and generally unreadable unless reformatted. This returned eligibility text file is used to generate the CHIPER Report. Do not change the file, you don't even need to open it. You will be using the CHIPER software to convert it to a usable Excel file.

Click Here to Open the CHIPER Software Portal.

Use the CHIPER report for data driven outreach efforts to students with discontinued Medi-Cal.
All students who are known to the Medi-Cal system within the past 12 months will be returned with:

  • Medi-Cal Insurance Account Number, BIC number
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender (Gndr)
  • School Site
  • Grade
  • Enrollment Hot Leads
  • Current Month Eligibility Y= Yes, N=No**
  • Past 12 month eligibility history
  • Insurance Account Number Issue Date

** The status of Yes or No indicates there is some type of Medi-Cal eligibility in the system. It does not indicate the type of coverage. As an example, a teen girl with Pregnancy only Medi-Cal will have a "Y"