Overview of the CHIPER Program

The Children's Health Insurance Program Enrollment Report (CHIPER)

The CHIPER Program was created by the Mendocino County Office of Education and Sacramento City Unified School District during the CHIPRA Cycle II grant in 2011-2013. It utilizes existing student data information, and specially created software CHIPERS (Child Health Insurance Enrollment Program Software) to assist school based Medi-Cal outreach workers to efficiently identify those children who appear, based on data matching between DHCS and the schools records to have recently lost Medi-Cal coverage.

These special children and their families can then be targeted for Medi-Cal outreach and re-enrollment in the program. Experience has shown that Medi-Cal outreach to these families results in the discovery of many siblings and extended family members who also need assistance with enrollment in Medi-Cal.

Starting in January 2014, outreach to dis-enrolled children will also lead to the potential enrollment of their parents and guardians.

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